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Our consistently high level of service has not only enabled us to grow into one of the regional leading translation companies, but has also generated some nice compliments along the way. Just read what some of our existing clients say about us as follows:

“For our company’s annual reports, we required English-to-Chinese translation. As our Chinese customers and partners hail mainly from the China market, we require professional “native Chinese” translation (as opposed to ‘Singapore-Chinese’ translation, where certain phrases may be worded differently).

In the last couple of years, we have been using China-Link, and feedback from our counterparts in China has been very good. The translated article reads elegantly, minimal editing is required, and most importantly, each sentence maintains the meaning of the original (English) context.

I would fully recommend China-Link as a professional translation agency.”

Samantha Tan
Manager, Group Corp Affairs
PAS International

“China-Link's services constantly exceed our expectations in terms of quality, responsiveness, speed of response time and competitive pricing. Their service is friendly and helpful, and time and time again they have made us look good by delivering the product well within extremely tight timelines. We look forward to working with them on further matters requiring Chinese translations and would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone who needs a qualified, reliable and cost-effective translation service.”

Jennifer Chih
Senior Associate

“I have worked with Michael over the period of 7 years and have found the service very reliable. He is responsive, helpful and feels like a business partner who understands our needs. The quality of the translations in the last assignment was very good. We will continue to use China-Links services and have already recommended it internally in our organization.”

Noora Alsagoff
Practice Lead
Aon Consulting

“Your team has demonstrated, time and again, high level of professionalism, quality service and delivery with acute time management, the qualities which are the most critical to our financial publication business. We cannot imagine how we deliver an excellence to our clients without your professional service.”

Poh Shuze Chow
Cre8 Singapore

“A load of thanks for the great help, timely and quality delivery, Eric:) Pls extend our thanks to your team! We'll definitely come back to you for more work in future!”

Julietta Lee
Senior Associate
Hewitt Associates

“China-link is a reliable company as they are able to produce quality work even in a very short timeframe. They even called up to follow up the status or any amendment needed after the work is delivered.
Will definitely recommend to other companies.”

Joey Tok
Executive Secretary
Walton International Group

“China-Link International has been providing us with translation services for many years and is one of our trusted service providers as they are very professional and has always provided us with good quality work. Initially they only provided Chinese translation, and later added on Malay translation which was a great service, as that saved us a lot of trouble by just approaching China-Link.

We would certainly recommend China-link to others as they are very reliable, and the speed of translation is also very fast and accurate. For the high quality that they have provided us, their rates remain competitive, even through the many years that we have used their services, and for that we have also recommended China-link to our internal colleagues, as well as others from outside the company.”

Yoong Yan Lee
Senior Clinical Research Associate
Eli Lilly (Singapore) Pte Ltd

“Michael has always been very prompt and giving me excellent translation, no matter how soon I need the translation. His service is greatly recommended.

I am glad that I have finally found a trustworthy translator.


Thanks Michael.”

Sharon Chia
Glencore Singapore Pte Ltd

“I am very impressed with the responsiveness and professionalism of China-Link even when it was our first contact for general enquiry. Their continuous follow-throughs and quick turnaround to meet our business needs is highly commendable. You’ll feel like you have a good working partner and not simply a service provider.”

Jenny Lim
MF Global Singapore Pte Limited

“Yes, I have been very satisfied with your service, in terms of accuracy & quality, fast turnaround time, seemingly competitive pricing, and high reliability. I feel very confident when I am dealing directly with Michael and know that the requested work will be delivered within the agreed-upon time frame and will be of a solid quality.
I will continue to use your services when they are needed for my company and I would definitely recommend China-Link to other companies.”
Thank you.

Joanna Ng
Senior Manager, Brand Strategy & Organisational Development
Raffles Hotels & Resorts

“We were very satisfied with the service provided by China-Link International. Clarifications were sought face-to-face before a reasonable quotation was given for the translation of Chinese to English texts document. The translation was done within a reasonable timeframe and we were pleased that the translated texts were proof-read by another person for accuracy. This shows that the China-Link is committed in ensuring quality work being delivered to their clients. We have since recommended other departments in our company to use China-Link for any translation work.”

Ho Li Hoon
Manager, General Admin Centre
PSB Academy

"China-Link has been delivering high quality translations with a fast turnaround time at a reasonable rate. Professional advice was always provided promptly when request is made. Lily-NUS will certainly continue working with China-Link."

Ang Wil Loon
Clinical Development Technical Assistant

“China-Link's Translation has been providing a good translation service and the documents we sent for translation has been meeting our expectation. They are very fast in getting the translation job done; most importantly they are very competitive in price. They are also flexible and helpful in order to provide us the good translation service. We will continue to use their service and we have been also recommending China-Link International to other companies.”

Lilian Loh
Project Leader
INC Research

”We would like to thank you and all the dedicated staffs of China-Link for providing us a fast and impressive translation service. With your great efficiency, we have successfully won the tender smoothly.

It is a great pleasure to engage your service and we will definitely recommend your services to all our partners.”

Bryan Yew
System Engineer
MPRI, Inc.

“Satisfied. Standard and quality of work is quite good. Very efficient and reliable service, especially I was able to reach your firm very easily and your representative always has prompt answers.
Will continue to use your service and recommend to others.”

Pey Yin Jie
Joseph Tan Jude Benny

“I've worked with many translation agencies previously and China-Link International is so far the best in terms of providing good quality translation services in the various foreign languages within a fast turn around time in a day at a reasonable price. This has helped me in work productivity as marketing collaterals can be done within a shorter time frame and promotional offers can be launched swiftly.

China-Link never fails to assure me the quality of work as the translated article goes through at least 3 rounds of vetting before delivery of work. The account servicing person, Michael Wang, has been very responsible and patient with the client's request and has always tried his best to deliver the job on time even after office hours. I've enjoyed working with China-Link International and look forward to more working opportunities in the near future.”

Ho Pei Lin
Segment Marketing & Communications Executive
Singapore Telecommunications Ltd

“We are extremely satisfied with your work as you have proved to deliver faster than promised. The work translated has been well organized and tailored to our type of business. We are happy and will definitely continue to work with you and recommend to others.”

Maria Lim
Marketing Secretary
Thales Security Asia Pte Ltd

“I have found the service of China-Link professional and customer-friendly. Michael had displayed great expertise and knowledge in his work, and he was very open to consultation, which I found to be very helpful, especially when translation work should be tailored to the context.

In the course of working with Michael, I had found his service to be efficient, professional and reliable. I would strongly recommend China-Link to other users.”

Lum Shin Si
Research Assistant
Institute of Mental Health

“We've approached almost all translation companies in Singapore, but none has ever been as cost-effective, efficient and accurate as the team from China-Link in translating our legal documents and company brochures with a superb quality. China-Link can do what others think impossible in terms of price and complexity, a company that truly delivers.

We strongly recommend China-Link to our associates.”

Selena Ang
Assistant Manager, Business Development
WORLDHOTELS - Regional Office

“China-Link’s translation is of high quality at reasonable price and they always meet our request for urgent delivery. Prompt response is always expected. There is no problem at all for us to continue to use your service.”

Hiroki Tanaka
QA Manager
HOYA Medical Singapore Pte Ltd

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Why Us

When there are thousands of providers of translation service out there, it is certainly very difficult to make a decision as to which company you should choose in order to enjoy the best value for money, especially when all of them claim that they deliver the best quality at the best price.

Having been in this line of business for more than 10 years, we have a better understanding of your needs and concerns, which has enabled us to develop the strengths listed below to justify your choice of us in the first instance:

We are customer-oriented and fully committed to your success. At China-Link International, we believe you are the primary driver of our business. Only when you succeed, can we succeed. To make ourselves successful, we always uphold our commitment to you, that is, we will do whatever it takes to give you the best value for money for your translation budget, to meet or exceed your expectations on each job assigned to us, and to continue to improve ourselves until you are 102% satisfied with us.

We add value to your write-ups with our own input for a natural flow. For your advertisements,presentations, website home page, etc. we do not translate word for word, but write out what you want to express in our own words in order to make the target language more sterling, vivid and meaningful so that it carries no trace of being translated and has a total smooth and natural flow. The best example of this can be seen in home page of the Chinese version of Amicorp website we translated http://www.amicorp.com/Chinese/index.html, where 48 flat English words are enlivened by vivid Chinese wordings with additional connotations.

We are professional with strict quality assurance implemented for all projects, big or small. This is made possible only through our rigorous translator testing and evaluation procedures combined with constant careful project monitoring, because unlike most other translation agencies, all our translations are edited (rather than proofread only) so that they do not carry any trace of translation and are read as if they were written in the target language to ensure the highest possible levels of quality with zero defects.

We are proficient in both the language and the subject involved by using industry-specific native speakers only. As you know, there are two types of translators: a pure linguist without background knowledge and a translator with expertise of specific knowledge like law, finance, computer, medicine, etc. To get the best out of what they translate, we only employ native speakers of the target language who know how to handle the nuances and niceties of the source language. This sets us apart from our competitors as a basic guarantee of translation quality under our Quality Control Process.

We are extremely responsive,efficient and fast. We have established ourselves as an efficient and effective translation agency that provides a prompt response to our clients’inquiries and demands as fast as we can. We hate keeping our clients waiting for a couple of hours before receiving a quotation or a reply to their inquiry. Anytime when you need an urgent, or super urgent or overnight translation, you can always count on us to be responsive to your needs, even out of business hours, or even in the middle of the night.

We can deliver large and difficult projects within tight turnaround times. Over the years, we have built a reputation for quality work under time pressures that few our competitors can match, especially when tender documents or financial reports of hundreds of pages need to be translated and delivered as soon as possible, say, one week or a few days. Undertaking such a task and working under pressure is a huge challenge indeed, but it does give us a sense of satisfaction each time after the job is delivered successfully. You may rest assured that we never resort to machine translation when delivering such large and difficult projects within the shortest turnaround time but instead rely only on our dedicated highly qualified professionals supported by our sound quality control process only.

We offer the most competitive rates in Singapore. Our experience tells us that the best quality would be meaningless without affordability. No matter how good your quality is, eventually it is the price that dominates the decision of a cliental in awarding a project. Our most efficient sourcing and management of professional translators enable us to serve you in a most affordable way. We can meet both the deadlines and budgets other companies have declared to be impossible. This is where we are different from our competitors. Just click here for a free quote.

We are more conversant in Greater China than our Competitors. As the name of our company suggests, we maintain strong and innumerable ties with Greater China including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and have extensive and customized resources that would otherwise not be accessible to when localizing your website or translating your legal or technical documents into Chinese for use in Greater China.

Here, we are NOT simply talking about the different forms of simplified Chinese (used in mainland China) and traditional Chinese (used in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan), we are more emphasizing the different social, political, legal, historical and cultural contexts of the four places developed under different jurisdictions due to a long-term separation. If your target markets include Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, there is no need for you to find three vendors in the three places, but just enjoy our one-stop service for turning out three different versions (The traditional Chinese used in Hong Kong is the same in form as that used in Taiwan but different in terms of usage and expressions.). We have region-specific teams of native language experts who surpass professional benchmarks from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to undertake and provide support for your projects.

We are going global. Since we are able to serve some of the world’s largest companies, we can also serve you. As the Singapore economy is becoming increasingly diversified and going global, we are reinforcing our operating and management system and enlarging our network of translators in almost every major industry to serve companies with a vision to compete in the global arena in order to help you reach valued customers worldwide, increase your customer base and be a world leader in your field. Through our technologies, cost-management strategies, teamwork and localization expertise, we will help you realize the value of translation for your business, and excel in delivering to you a professional and prompt service that is second to none.

Last but not the least, we are able to do what our competitors say is impossible in terms price, quality and turnaround time. It sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? Well, you won’t know until you try it. Just give us a chance and we are sure you will regret not partnering with China-Link International earlier.

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